Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD)
Hand Held Metal Detector
Highly sensitive , light in weight capable of detecting any FERROUS/ NON FERROUS metal for detecting metal carried by employee / visitor.
Main Features :
Equisite apperance; special desugn for airport and other high level applications
Super high sensitive that half of a pinc can be detected
Hsound and light alarm, adjustable sound volume
High speed detection response
The outer cover is made of high strength material, which has a strong capability of waterproof, fire proof, anticorrosion and shock proof can be used in any environment
Especially for airport high level security inspection.
Door Frame Metal Detector
Employees / Visitors can be screened in case carrying any ferrous / non ferrous metal ,weapons etc. the wooder/ fiber fame body DFMD gives audio & visual alarm / indications with STOP / WALK display on panel of DFMD .
Main Features :
High sensitive walk through metal detector.
World-leading sensitive of a pin detection, suitable for high security inpection,
With multi zone high brightness led bar, can be localize the alarm area accurately
Integrated with digital and simulation technique with super anti-interference can lessen the misinformation and missed alarm
strong ability of self diagnosis running status monitoring capability of waterproof, fireproof ETC.
Adopt building Block design brings conveniences for functions updates and modifies
Can be TCP/IP multi level networked
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